2007 Shadow Cruiser Fun Finder X-139


This is a review and description the features and functions as well as some modifications of our 2007 Shadow Cruiser Fun Finder X139. 14' travel trailer.
No doubt about it the X139 model is small. We have a small family 2 adults and  one child.  And both my wife and I are short in stature. < 5'4" .  We can sit at the dinette table with the bunk down. If you are not very much taller then us you would always have to raise the bunk.  You will be surprised at the comfort and features you get in this small travel trailer.  This is about the smallest trailer you could get and still have a fixed toilet and shower.

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Tow Vehicle
2001 Nissan Quest (Minivan) 3.3L V6
Rated tow capacity 3500 lbs w/10% on hitch

Passenger Side

Trailer Weight
A sticker in cabinet above the sink says 2342 1bs (dry). We had the dealer remove the fan and install the AC unit so it may be a bit heavier.  The TT owners manual says the AC weights 104 lbs.

Options/ Features:
Note: Features and options and included items can vary from dealer to dealer and from year to year.  
Even a trailer 1 year older/newer my be significantly different.  
Not sure what are options anymore most of these seem to come with everything. The AC unit was the only thing we paid extra for. Most Everything else was factory installed.



Eating - Sleeping:



Dealer Added Items and Installation

We did not get the 13" TV (120VAC only).
Had to buy a new hitch insert as mine was not high enough.

Details and Notes:
Also see: Modifications Page

There is a fair amount of storage space inside.  There is NO storage or access to storage from the outside on the X139. Other larger FF do have outside access storage.  There are no locks on any of the access panel doors as was on older models.
Would like to add something to put tire chocks, blocks, electric cable, hoses etc which may be wet/muddy. Not much room on the tongue for any 3rd party boxes that I have seen. I put my stuff in a Rubber Made tote.

Under dinette seat storage The most forward panel was screwed down. I removed the screws so that both panels can open to give better access. Wonder why this one is screwed down and the panel on the other side over the water tank is not? very little space around the water tank.

No brand name on unit or manual - made in China
AM\FM\DVD\CD\MP3 with remote, alarm, 4 speakers 2 inside and 2 outside. External FM antenna mounted on roof.
Radio had RCA audio INs & OUTs on the back. Our unit had a video/audio cable connected to the outputs. If you also need to input with RCA type connections to the unit then you can attach an audio cable (red/white) to the IN's and drop that though the mouse hole. We did not get the 13" TV but instead bought an under cabinet mount LCD TV/DVD.  Will have to move one of the stock speakers in order to mount it.
Radio has 2 speakers on inside and 2 outside controlled by switches on the front panel.  
The 2 inside speakers are 'tinny' sounding. No bass. The outdoor speakers are OK.
If you are shorter than about 6'4 then you will need a step stool to stand on to see the analog tuning dial. Was a bit dissapointed that the unit did not have digital tuning w/presets or at least a scan function.

The FF is well lit. There are 4 dual bulb fixtures, 2 on the main ceiling and 2 under cabinets left and right sides. There are also 2 wall mount 'sconce' lights in bed/dinette area and a 3 bulb vanity style fixture. A single bulb fixture in the bathroom. A single bulb light in the range hood vent. 1 Outdoor porch 'bug' light amber in color.

 The 4 dual bulb fixtures have 2 position switches ON and OFF. I think they should have had the 3 position switches where you have OFF, 1 ON, Both ON.  I will try to find replacement 3 position switches if I can find ones that can be swapped into the existing fixtures. 

  There are not many lights that a child could reach to turn on/off. Not even in the bathroom.  Only lights a child could reach is the 2 sconce on the front wall. The outdoor light and maybe the vanity light switch.  Of course you may like it like that as the kids won't leave lights on and drain the battery.

TV Antenna:
System consists of a 'batwing' antenna with signal amplifier built in. A cable TV input is also provided on the outside.
There is an on/off button for the amplifier on the connection plate. A red LED shows aplifieer power on or off.  The amplifier seem to work pretty well however when the amplifier is turned off then you get NO signal at all through the antenna connection.  I verified this by bypassing the amp and connecting directly to the antenna. (Normally you would want to have the amp on for weak stations and off for strong nearby stations)
When using the CATV (outside) connection then you must turn the amplifier off.
There is also a 12V cigarette lighter style outlet on the connection/ switch plate. Rated at 7.5 Amps or 90 Watts However it is really fused at 15A in the converter panel.

The antenna is extended by turning a crank. Then you aim it by pulling down and then turning the large wheel.
When you want to retract the antenna you must first line up the arrows on the aiming wheel. If you don't aim it properly before retracting then the antenna may be damaged.
I marked the wheel to give an indication of which way the antenna is pointed while inside the trailer.

Water System Notes:
Outdoor Shower Hose.
Our unit came equipped with the outdoor 'shower' hose. Has cold and hot faucets. Why it is called a shower hose I don't know as taking a shower with that hose is the least likely thing I would do with it. The hose connects to the trailer via a quick connect fitting much like a compressed air hose fitting. The other end has a standard (male) hose thread with a garden sprayer attached. The supplied hose will reach the front and back of the trailer but not the right or main door/awning side. Maybe it would reach if you passed it under the trailer? haven't tried that.  If you need length, such as to spray bird dropping off of the awning, then  just remove the sprayer and attach a standard garden hose directly on the coil hose.  

Water Filter
 There is a water filter at the city water connection only. This means that the 12V electric pump never pushes water through the filter which is good as that could restrict the flow too much.  This also means that any water you put into the water tank will not be filtered. BUT  if you want filtered water in the fresh water tank there is a way. Use the 'shower hose' to fill the water tank. The shower hose works very well. The sprayer nozzle (the one I got from dealer) will fit and be held on the inlet port. Just lock the sprayer on. Tank fill time 15-20 min.

Fresh Water Tank
25 Gallons
The tank indicator is low resolution system. Just 3 sensors located on the side of the tank at Full, 2/3 and 1/3. Look at the side of the tank and you can see the water level and the 3 sensor wires. The 4th wire (white) is the common wire.  The FULL indicator will only light just briefly or maybe not at all if the trailer is not level. In other words the indicator will show 2/3 after using just a little water. In fact on my unit the indicator only shows full when I am filling the tank and water is spilling out of the fill and overflow. When the overflow has stopped draining my indicator reads 2/3.  
The gray and black tank indicators seem to be set up in a similar fashion. They all use the same control panel indicator.

How to read/interpret the indications:
Full =  Water level is at or above the Full sensor wire.  The fill tube and overflow outlets are at about this same level
2/3 = Water level is more than 2/3 but less than full.
1/3 = Water level is more than 1/3 but less than 2/3
Empty = Water level is below 1/3
Like I said before if you really want to know then open the access panel and look at the tank.

Gray Water Tank
13 Gallons
The gray tank gets filled fast. More than once I have had to bucket gray water to keep from overflowing the shower.

Black Water Tank
13 Gallons
No problem with black water tank filling up even after several days.

Water Heater
DSI water heater (gas & 120V electric)  DSI = Direct Spark Ignition. or automatic electronic ignition.
6 gallon tank.

To use on propane turn the wall switch on. The red light will briefly come on the go out when the fire is lit.  If the light does not go out then check your propane to see if it is turned on. Try again.
The unit I have also has a 120V electric heater element.  To turn on you have to flip a switch located in the outside access for the water heater. Note that the gas and electric are completely independent systems.  Operating the water heater switch (gas) up on the wall has no effect on the electric heating element.

This means that if both switches are on then both the gas and the electric element will operate together until the water is hot.  Both heat sources will provide a faster recovery such as may be needed when taking showers. Don't forget to turn off the electric when not needed. 

Make sure the water heater tank is full before turning on the gas and/or electric.  When the tank is drained for winter storage as a precaution I also turn off the water heater breaker in the main control panel.

If you run the hot water tank low, then you will need to hook up to city water and/or refill the fresh water tank. Then run the hot water faucet until all the air is out. This can take quite some time. You will fill the gray water tank about the time all the air is purged. So better check and do this before your trip.

Bypass. There are a set of 3 valves you can turn to bypass the water heater.  The setup is just like what you would find installed for your water softener in your home.  Turn the valves to bypass the water heater tank before winter prep so you don't put/waste RV anti freeze solution in the water heater tank.

Water pump
My pump was cycling too rapidly dut dut dut. about 2 times a second. It was also surging even at full on. The water temperature in  the shower was pulsating hot and cold very annoying.  The pump manufacture says it should not cycle more than every 2 seconds.  Read the manual and found that there is an adjustment for the pressure switch. However the pump was mounted so close to the water  heater tank that I couldn't turn the screw even with a stubby. I had to unscrew the pump from the floor in order to tilt it up enough to get at the adjustment screw. I never could get an adjustment where the pump would cycle at 2 seconds during low volume conditions, but  I did get it to stay on continuous at full valve open eliminating the hot/cold surges in the shower.

Pretty nice to have the awning. Since the x139 is so small the awning almost completely shades the entire side of the trailer.
Extending and stowing the awning is a several step process, but not hard. Was warned by dealer to not let water puddle on the awning. One way to prevent this is to lower one side so that the water runs off. Hard to find a place to store the awning rod. Fits in the wardrobe closet if you don't have any cloths to hang in there that is. This leaves putting it on the floor of the trailer or in the bathroom.
The lower ends of the awning arms can be detached from the mounts and then the arms (one or both) can be swung out and staked down with tent stakes.

Instructions for 1 person operation:
    1. Release the holding clips on each side. Squeeze them inward.
    2. Loosen the wheel locks a couple of turns
    3. Using the rod pull the direction switch down toward you. Top right side of awning.
    4. Hook the end of the rod in the strap loop.
    5. Pull the awning all the way out.
    6. slide the upper support arms in the main support arms until they snap into place.
    7. Tighten the wheels.
    8. On one side Release the hand grip lever and slide out to extend the main arm about 1/2 way and lock it down.
    9. Go to the other side and extend the main support arm all the way to the last notch hole.
    10. Now go back to the first side and extend the main awning arm all the way out and lock down the handle.
    11. To keep from losing the strap, Move the strap all the way to the forward side (right side of awning when facing the trailer) and wrap or tie around the main awning arm. If  you don't do this, the wind will likely blow the strap along the slot channel and it will fall out on the ground.
    12. Note: If you move the strap all the way to the rear, it will come out of the slot.  You may want to do this so you can store the strap inside so it won't get lost or be a chocking hazard for small children.

Roof Leak around AC

When we bought our trailer it had a Fantastic Fan. We opted to get the AC unit installed.

The roof leaked around the AC unit 1st rain storm. Not just a drip a lot of water came in.
Called dealer and they came out to  the house and tightened things down.
A week or so later I decided to make sure. I got out the garden hose and sprayed water on the roof. and it leaks just the same.
I found that water does puddle on the roof around the AC unit.
I removed the bottom cover to have a look.  I then removed the metal bottom plate. 4 bolts and electrical connections.
 I found that there were screw holes drilled in the plywood where the original Fantastic Fan was installed.
One side (toward rear of trailer), the AC gasket was on the inside of where the old holes were drilled allowing water to leak in.. On the 3 other sides the gasket was either on top or outside of the old Fantastic Fan holes and did not leak.   
I propped up the AC unit just a bit by wedging a couple of 1x3 boards under the AC from the roof.  I could see daylight through one of the original Fantastic Fan holes plus the gasket was not sealed down on one corner.
I pulled the trailer back to the dealer 3 or 4 miles. They worked on it 4 or 5 hours. Put on a new gasket caulked everything.
I took it home.
Next day it rained.  Water everywhere on the floor.
Took the cover off and can see that the new gasket moved and 'snaked' in 2 places that I could see. At one place the entire diameter of gasket and about 4" length had slide into the AC cavity. Probably where most of the water came through this time. Probably they torqued down the AC unit before the sealant had set.
Called the dealer and they came and got it. 
After about 2 days dealer delivered the trailer to our house. We were not home at the time. No explanation.
The inside plastic cover was not put on and the AC did not come on. Found the internal AC connector was loose I fixed that. Dealer installed a new rubber seal.
This one is white in color, the others were black. It rained  and now it does not seem to leak anymore.
Got up on roof again and hosed it down.  I did not detect any more leaks.
As a precaution I store the trailer front raised so that rain water runs off the back and does not puddle on the roof.

Spare Tire cover
The cover is damaged in a week or 2 of hot days. The rubber in the tire outgasses and discolors/damages the cover. I can read the tire raised lettering that has been  transferred to the cover. One suggestion is to cover the tire with Aluminum foil to prevent this.