How to Install Snow Cable Chains on 2010 MINI Cooper Clubman

2010 MINI Cooper Clubman (non S)
(Will probably apply to all 2nd generation MINI hatchback and MINI Clubman '07+ with same rims and tires. You will need to verify all information here for your particular application)

For OEM stock 15" rims and all season radial tires.  Size: 175/65 R15  (not RUNFLAT'S)
This instruction may or may not be suitable for other rims or tire sizes. I have never driven on these chains myself.
Check your owners manual, rim size, and tire size, and chain brand/model instructions carefully.

Cable Chains:
Quality Chain Corp. -Lightning Cable-
Stock Number A1022 Purchased at Autozone for about $60.00 (A1022 Autozone link)
Comes with bag and instructions.
This model will fit several different rim sizes and tire sizes - check first.

These are split type diagonal cable chains.  They are nice because they can be installed without having to roll or move the car over the chains during installation.
Cables in bag will fit nicely in the spare tire/ tool tray area of my Clubman. Don't know about the hatchback?

Step 1: Orientation (Drivers side shown)
Note that the cable sets are identical so grab either one to start with.

This is FYI as it is not important to remember. As long as you have them oriented as described above, you will be OK:
  For the driver side - The long end with the adjustment nubs will be toward the FRONT of the car.
  For the passenger side - The long end with the adjustment nubs will be toward the REAR of the car.

Photo 1

Step 2: Positioning

Photo 2

Step 3: Connect inside cable

Photo 3

Photo 4 

Step 4: Adjustment and connection

Photo 5

Photo 6

photo 7

Step 5: Install tensioner

Photo 8

Photo 9

Passenger side install is same as Driver side - Only difference is that when you first lay out the cable assembly, the long cable end with the adjustment nubs will be towards the rear of the car instead of the front.
Just remember 'L' brackets go down and 'split' section out. 
(If the cable is installed with the 'L' Bracket protrusions up then they will dig into the tire and/or rim)