Remote Connection to a console session using SSH connection. (Windows computer to your RPi)
See below to ssh from your RPi to another computer.

SSH is enabled on the RPi by default.
If for some reason it's not enabled then rerun: sudo raspi-config and run the ssh enable utility.

You will need to install a SSH client software on your remote computer. A very popular client is PuTTY. Download  PuTTY
For a complete install, download and run the Windows installer. Or get just the putty.exe file for a quick and easy use with no install.  Just remember where you put it.

Note: With SSH you will only be able to connect to a command line console session. You cannot run the GUI (startx). For that see RDP tutorial.

You need to know the IP address of your RPi.
 Look in your router config pages to find it. Should be something like:
From the RPi enter sudo ifconfig. Look for inet addr:
Note: For Ethernet connections look in eth0 section. For WIFI connections look in wlan0 section.

PuTTY Configuration Screen

putty config

When started, PuTTY will show this screen:

PuTTY Security Screen


The 1st time you connect you will be asked about the host key. Select Yes to store key or No for one time use.

PuTTY Connection Screen


You will be asked for your RPi login and password:

When done with your session be sure to type: exit and hit [Return]. Both the SSH session and PuTTy will then terminate.

SSH from one RPi to another RPi or another (Linux) computer.
Obtain the IP address of the other RPi or computer
At command prompt type: