Remote Desktop (RDP) (From another computer to your RPi)
To do remote access to another computer from your RPi see below

RDP will allow you to connect remotely to the RPi. from another computer on your LAN.
The RPi can then be run 'headless' or without keyboard, mouse or monitor connected to the RPi.
The RPi will of course need to be connected to your LAN via network cable or WIFI.

Response however will be a bit sluggish especially if you attempt to browse the Internet remotely through the RPi

RDP must be running on the RPi and an RDP client must be running on the 2nd computer:

Note that this is not merely a terminal login such as you get with an SSH or serial console connection. This will provide the full GUI user interface session.
The GUI will start when connecting remotely even if the RPi is not configured with the auto startx.
The remote session(s) will be independent and in addition to any session that may be already running on the RPi.
Connection to an existing session is not discussed here. Can be done but not straight forward. When I figure that out I may add to this page.

You will need to install XRDP server on the RPi
sudo apt-get install xrdp

Once installed the xrdp process will auto load and start when you boot the RPi.

Remote Computer Software
On the remote computer I have used 2 programs. The Windows XP  Remote Desktop Connection and RDPDesk. Both work well. RDPDesk has a bit better screen settings setup and can automatically go full screen on the remote monitor. In the Windows program you must manually choose a resolution setting that will best fit the screen you are using.

Remote Desktop Connection (Windows XP)

Windows XP and maybe other versions come with Remote desktop (RDP) pre installed.
Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Remote Desktop Connection

RDPDesk Software (Free)
Look for the 'Open Source' version. (Not the professional free trial version).

Hints on RDPDesk program on Windows PC

RDP Desk Configuration Hints

RDP Config

RDP Desktop (Full Screen)

RDP Full Screen

This is RDP Desk running in full screen mode from a Windows XP machine.

The tab at the top will allow you to minimize the remote session.

When done be sure to logout of the RPi session properly by clicking on the red icon in bottom right corner. Not the close [X] button on the tab.

Remote Desktop (RDP) (From your RPi to another computer)

To bring the screen of another computer to your RPi, first install the following program on your RPi:
sudo apt-get install rdesktop

Get the IP address of the computer that you want to connect to, then from a command line type: