HDMI to VGA adapter
Manufacture: ELEMENT14
Newark Part Number: 07W8937
Data Sheet

I don't have a HDMI monitor so I got the HDMI to VGA adapter from Newark/ element14
This allows the RPi to work with any standard VGA monitor. Works very well with my old 17" Dell LCD screen monitor.
Problem I had is that I have the older rev RPi board. This device with the WIFI adapter draws too much power through the main fuse F3. In order to make it work I 'pennied' the fuse by soldering a wire across fuse F3. The older board has as 700mA 'poly type' self resetting fuse. The later rev 2.0 board has a 1000mA 'poly' fuse. I will have to take a current reading to see how much current is actually drawn and get a higher rated fuse put in so my board will not totally melt down in a short circuit condition.
I assume newer rev board will not have a problem?